Best Air Purifier Specifics

What features should a good air purifier have?

air purifierHEPA filtration – this is the most efficient kind of filtration that
can remove small particles and allergens from the air. The other types
of filters don’t work as efficiently as they are designed to mimic
this kind of effectiveness.

High air exchange rate – this is the amount of air that the air
purifier can pass through its system each minute. Air cleaners with
high air exchange rates tend to clean the air faster compared to those
with low rates.

Filter change alert – a good air cleaner should come with a counter that helps one to identify when to change the filter. Some base the information on the filter’s state while others operate on a daily countdown.

Air quality monitor/ Dust sensor – only a few air cleaners have automatic sensors that can detect how the air is polluted. They can then adjust the cleaning speed accordingly.
Several fan speeds – many air cleaners have multiple fan speeds that adjust the speed of the air cycled through a unit. However, know that there is a direct correlation between noise and higher fan speeds.

Other factors you have to consider before buying the appliance include:

 Why you need an air purifier
 Where to place your air purifier
 How much you are likely to spend on the upkeep and maintenance of the air purifier
 Size of the air purifier