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Texas Holdem Strategy

The objective of Texas Holdem poker is to use the two pocket cards you are dealt, along with the five community cards in the middle of the table, to make the best hand. Although the betting structure, in Texas Holdem, may vary, here is a simplified version of how it all works:

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #1

One of the players is designated as the dealer, indicated by the dealer button. The first two players, to the immediate left of the dealer, are known as the small and big blinds because they have to post a forced bet every hand.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #2

In Texas Holdem poker, the dealer button moves clockwise around the table after every hand so each player gets a turn as the small and big blind.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #3

The action begins with the player to the left of the big blind, referred to as being under the gun, either calling the big blind or raising the stakes. This continues around the table until the pot is right. This is the first betting round.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #4

The dealer then flips over three cards in the middle of the table, known as the community cards. These cards are also called "the flop". A second round of betting now begins.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #5

After the betting concludes and the pot is right, the dealer flips over another card, known as the turn card or "fourth street". Another betting round ensues with the player to left of the dealer again first to act.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #6

Once the round of betting is over and the pot is right, the dealer turns over the last card, known as the river card or "fifth street".

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #7

A final round of betting takes place at this point. More often then not the field has been thinned by the time you get to the river card. Many times the pot is decided before the river, as there are no players left who want to call the raiser.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #8

If the pot is contested all the way down to the river, the remaining players flip their cards over.

Texas Holdem Rules - Rule #9

The player with the best hand, using his or her pocket cards and all the community cards, is the winner. Somebody once remarked about texas holdem," it takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master." Well there you go, now you know the rules for Texas Holdem Poker. You're off to the races.