Ways to celebrate World Magic Day 2019

Most people think of October 31st as Halloween. But did you know it’s also World Magic Day? Held every year since 1938, World Magic Day is a celebration of magic as a performing art. Think less supernatural magic as performed by Harry Potter, more illusions, tricks and sleights of hand as performed by Harry Houdini. In fact, it’s thanks to Houdini that World Magic Day first came about. In the 9 years preceding his death on October 31st in 1926, the world-famous illusionist, stuntman and film star had acted as president of the Society of American Magicians. An unofficial ‘Houdini Day’ was celebrated on the anniversary of his death each year by Society members and Houdini’s widow. That was until 1938, when Les Shotly, a Society member from Chicago, received permission from Mrs Houdini to proclaim October 31st as World Magic Day officially in her late husband’s honour. The first World Magic Day was marked with free magic shows in hospitals and libraries across America. However, nowadays you’ll find countless ways to get involved. Check out 5 of the best ways to celebrate World Magic Day this year by checking out the below guide, put together by Bgo casino to promote their range of magic-themed slot games.